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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 customers
Great quality print
Prompt service and very good quality printing

Russell M, Mon 12th Feb
Good reliable service
Reliability and quality are always there.

William C, Tue 8th Aug
Great value signage
For quickly printed signs, these were perfect for a product demonstration day to show technical drawings and product photos. We'll be regularly using them now at trade shows.

Michael T, Sun 2nd Nov
Very sharp finish for photographs
The Correx gives a solid backdrop for immediate display and the print is sharp with excellent colour.

Michael T, Sun 2nd Nov
Will definitely order these again.
These are perfect for presentations and wall displays as well as signage.

Michael T, Sun 2nd Nov
Excellent picture quality
These correx boards were printed up to demonstrate photos and technical drawings during a presentation and displaying on the office walls afterwards and they are perfect for the job. They come carefully bubble wrapped and with a flawless print finish.

Michael T, Sun 2nd Nov
High quality finish
This was a test print to see the quality of the print finish on Corex and it looked perfect.

Michael T, Sun 2nd Nov
Each order has a flat delivery charge no matter how much you order, the delivery charge will remain at the flat rate.