The Best App For Small Business Owners

The Best Apps For Small Business Owners!

For a small business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle time, work out finances, remember to communicate with all those necessary and generally organise yourself as best you can.

Thank god for the digital age!

Why? …. Because of mobile apps, that’s why!

These days there’s pretty much an app for everything in life… but most people don’t realise it.

That’s right, it’s not all about Candy Crush and Angry Birds, there are actually apps out there designed for business men (and women) and entrepreneurs – in order to make life a hell of a lot easier.

Here’s a list of some of the best out there for you to try…

(Just thank us later)

  1. Accounting and Finance

The Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Gusto –  What an app! This helps you calculate, file and pay payroll taxes, sort out automatic tax filings and much, much more. It has literally everything you need to consider when managing finances!

What’s more, it’s endorsed by huge names like; CNBC, The New York Times, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.

Quickbooks This app provides cloud accounting software, invoicing, bank downloads, VAT tracking, expenses and reports as well as training and account resources for accountants and bookkeepers and training/online support.

With over 1.5 million online subscribers, this award-winning app is the world’s number 1 online accounting software.

  1. Communication

The Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Pushover This app is a game-changer for well-connected small-business owners with more than one phone or device. It sends push messages to any smartphone and organizes messages and notifications from your devices in one common space.

You can send 7,500 messages each month and receive an unlimited amount of notifications on Androids, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and all desktops. It comes with a free seven-day trial, then requires a one-time $4.99 purchase.

SlackWith Slack’s instant messaging platform, you can organise your teams conversations in to separate, private, or public channels – or send a direct message.

The app also makes it easy to drag, drop and share images, PDF’s and other files. It also automatically indexes and archives any message, notification or file. There’s no limit on how many users your business can add either.

You can try Slack for free, but upgrading to a paid plan gives you more features and controls. The standard plan costs $8 (around 6 pounds) per month for each user and comes with a full archive of your team’s message history, unlimited app integration, guest access and group calls.

  1. Time Management

The Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Clear –  Is a gesture based task-management app that prides itself on ease of use, and justifiably so; because you can easily adjust items by pulling them down the screen, pinching them, and finally swiping them off the screen once they’re completed.

Not only can you create and manage separate lists, schedules and reminders to organise daily tasks, but you can also sync them among your desktop, iPhone, iPad or Apple watch.

RescueTime –  With so many distractions and possibilities in the life of an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get a little scattered. Fear not! … RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be a lot more productive.

This app runs safely and securely in the background of your computer or mobile device, tracks time spent on applications and websites (giving you an accurate picture of your day), and gives detailed reports and data based on your activity.

  1. Payment

The Best Apps For Small Business Owners

Expensify –  Expensify makes keeping track of your expenses while on a business trip a lot less painful. You can link your credit or debit card to your Expensify account so that the app will place charges directly on an expense report.

If you’d rather not do this, you can take pictures of your receipts with your phone, and Expensify will automatically extract the relevant information. You can then make an expense report yourself, which only takes a few minutes.

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