Using Social Media To Promote Your Business This Christmas

Using Social Media To Promote Your Business This Christmas

Social media platforms are great tools for engaging directly with customers and expanding your reach. This is applicable all year round, but if your business is not successfully utilising the power of social media during high-spending times of the year, such as the weeks leading up to Christmas, you will be missing out on reaching new customers and seeing an increase in sales and revenue.

Research suggests that as many as 50% of shoppers turn to social media for gift ideas, which is why your social media marketing strategy is so important. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering your social media approach this Christmas.

The Time for Giving

Christmas is the time for giving, so why not give back to your loyal customers and entice new ones by giving away some gift cards in the run up to Christmas? You could run some competitions on Twitter and Facebook, asking some fun trivia questions or asking your customers to post pictures of themselves in their ugliest Christmas jumper. Alternatively, you could use those platforms to promote special offers such as ‘receive a £10 gift card towards your next purchase with every purchase over £40’.

Customers also like to know about any charitable causes your business may be supporting. If you’re going to donate a percentage of your profits generated in the run-up to Christmas to charity, make sure to communicate this to your audience. You’ll also be raising awareness about your chosen charity in the process, which will lead to an increase in sales for you and an increase in donations to a great cause.

Pin It

For many people, Pinterest is the social media platform they turn to when looking for inspiration. Get creative and make some festive Pinterest boards that demonstrate to your potential customers how your products would enhance their holiday experience. It’s also a great idea to add ‘pin it’ buttons to your website so that your customers can easily pin your images to their boards, which will ultimately allow their followers to easily click back through to your website and browse your products.

Be Available

If your customers are asking you questions on Twitter or Facebook, make sure to respond to them in a professional and timely manner. This will ensure that your business remains friendly and approachable, with your customers feeling valued. Great customer service speaks for itself, and when customers can see you engaging via social media, their confidence in your business and your products will increase.

Have Some Fun

Of course, you should promote your products and convey your core ethos on social media, but don’t forget to have some fun with it too. No one wants to feel as though they are constantly being sold to, so include some behind-the-scenes photographs of your office all decked out for Christmas, or run some festive polls on Twitter. You could run an ‘ultimate Christmas film’ poll, including rounds such as Elf battling against The Grinch, with The Holiday up against Love Actually. Fun polls can generate a lot of retweets, which will vastly increase your reach and lead to a boost in sales.

Don’t forget the social aspect of social media. Use this festive season as an opportunity to engage with your audience in fun and meaningful ways and you’re sure to have a very Merry Christmas.

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