Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

If youre looking for a way to boost team morale over the festive period, then why not get your colleagues to decorate the office?

Christmas time without a festive feel may mean your colleagues feel a little downbeat and lethargic, so theres no better way to brighten spirits and boost team morale.

If youre looking for a little inspiration, then check out some of our fantastic ideas below;

Fake Snow Cotton Balls

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Does what it says on the tin. Simply grab a long needle and thread, slide cotton balls across it, then stick them all over the ceiling and above office desks.  

It will immediately make your office look and feel like a Winter wonderland!

Bunting & Paper Garlands

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Similarly, bunting and paper garlands can make a room look great, and theyre really easy to make! All youll need is coloured paper, scissors and sellotape or pritt-stick.

Simply cut the coloured paper in to strands and loop them together with your tape/pritt-stick. Your colleagues will have loads of fun putting them together.

Dress a Desk

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Colleagues tend to get a little more excited when theres a prize up for grabs, so what better way to offer a prize (like a half day holiday or cash prize) than with a best desk competition.

Basically, the more festive and unique each persons desk is, the better! You could even have a particular theme every year.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

Christmas isnt Christmas without a festive tree for the office.

You could encourage colleagues to make baubles and candy canes and even partake in a Secret Santa so you can all gather around the tree to exchange gifts just before you close.

Or how about having your last strategy meeting around the tree? Itll make a change from the dull meeting room environment.

Santas Grotto

Christmas Office Decorating Ideas

If youre feeling generous because your colleagues have worked hard over the last 12 months, then why not grab a Santa outfit, buy some presents, and make your own grotto!?

You could even turn the outside of your office in to a grotto by sticking panels of wood to the wall, hanging a fancy wreath from your door, or making signage to alert people that Santa is in the building.

You could even enlist the help of some personal assistants and dress them as elves!

Office Games

Finally, office games always go down a treat.

You could have a Christmas themed quiz, or play pin the tail on the reindeer, musical chairs and pass the parcel. The list really is endless.

Or if you want to include games which build team confidence and communication skills, then check out Refresh Leadership. 

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