Christmas Party Games for the Office

During the Christmas period, the office can be a horrible place to work.

Damp & drizzly nights, late finishes, freezing cold conditions hardly ideal considering youre supposed to be getting in a festive mood, right?

Well what if you were to host or put together a Christmas party for all your work-mates!?

Getting everyone together to join in with some festive games is the ideal way to break boundaries with colleagues and get everyone smiling! So, crank up the heating, switch on the big lights and get decorating, because weve got some great office party ideas for you.

Would I Lie to You?

If youve ever seen the TV gameshow, then youll know exactly what this is about.

This game is best played with 2 teams. Each team member writes down either a fact or lie about themselves and the opposite team has to guess if its the truth or a lie. (Opposition team can ask up to 10 questions before the answer is revealed)

The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

You could even play with the official Would I Lie to You game available from

Christmas Quiz

The most traditional game to include in your Christmas party is a themed quiz.

Generally, this consists of a picture round, a general knowledge round, a theme round and a music round.

Heres a few ideas for each round;

  • Picture round: Name the celebrity in the Santa beard, Name the Christmas Film, whos in the bauble Name the famous face in the Christmas bauble.
  • General knowledge: The Christmas story (Baby Jesus), Christmas movie quotes, Christmas carols.
  • Theme: Office related questions, Geographical questions, Winter related questions.
  • Music: Christmas hits, Songs with a winter theme.

Pair up teams of 3-5 people. The winners get a prize and the losers get a booby prize.

You could even take a little inspiration from The Christmas Trivia Quiz, available from M&S.

Who Am I?

All you will need for this game is post-it notes and marker pens.

Simply ask everyone to write the name of a famous person on a post-it note and stick it on a colleagues forehead. Whoever guesses what name is on their head in less than 10 questions – gets a treat.

A pack of 300 post it notes is only £2.99 from WH SMITH.  

Blindfold Christmas Drawing

This game is hilarious! Simply give everyone an object or person to draw like a Christmas tree or Santa Clause and blindfold them.

Once a minute is up, pin the pictures up in a gallery and let everyone vote on which is the best. The winner gets a prize.

Pilot Frixion felt tip pens from WH SMITH are ideal for this game.

The Mince Pie Game

This one always goes down a treatin more ways than one!

Simply tie all colleagues hands behind their backs and ask them to eat a mince pie with their mouth only.

Time each person. Whoever is the quickest, wins.

Check out Sainsburys all butter mince pies. Ideal for Christmas parties.

Santa Limbo

This version of limbo is 1,000 times better than the original, and all youll need is a limbo, a pillow, some string and a XXXL red t-shirt.

Simply tie the pillow around the waist of your colleague with the string, then place the large t-shirt, Santa hat and beard on them.

The challenge is for each person to clear the limbo without knocking the bar off with their cushion belly!

Guaranteed laughs all round!

Check out this limbo from at only £23.99

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