How to Generate New Business Using Traditional Marketing Methods

How to Generate New Business Using Traditional Marketing Methods

Think that business cards are dead? No need for flyers, billboard ads and posters? How about those company pens? Think again – traditional marketing techniques aren’t dying, they’re simply evolving, and it’s time to generate new business today with these old school methods!

Print Marketing Is Still Powerful

How to Generate New Business Using Traditional Marketing Methods

For all the social media campaigns, the responsive website designs and the Google AdWords campaigns, there is no doubt that physical, tangible and well-designed print marketing materials are just as useful today as they have ever been. Whilst there are signs that some businesses are decreasing spend on passive offline content, there is still little doubt that a hand-shake and an impressive business card can have a big impact today.

The designs and styles of business cards and flyers have come a long way from the traditional ‘boring’ rectangles of old. The boundaries of what defines a business card are being constantly pushed, and with these ever-more interesting designs, potential clients are consistently impressed, and often share these designs online, bring your business more clients. It may well be worth hiring a professional graphic designer to help you design one of these cutting-edge showcase pieces, as well as involving this designer in your website and social media design. Uniting the design of these different marketing elements can really help increase and generate new business, as potential clients are presented with a consistent and high-end marketing scheme.

Make sure that you always include all of your contact details, and your online details, such as your website address and social media links. This will increase traffic to your online presence, which will be full of your current work for potential clients to view.

Get Into Directories

Not all of the traditional techniques for marketing your company will have quite the same impact as they once had in the past. Listing your business in a local directory, such as a local paper, or Thomsonlocal has been revealed to show a declining impact on marketing reach. For example, only an estimated 11% of clients for tradespeople found the business through these older methods.

This downward trend has been noted by these directories, and most have switched to providing an online service. This is where you can still take advantage of the route of getting your business listed in a directory. Ensure that you link your website, social media presence and telephone contact details in these online directories. This will ensure that any potential clients are being sent to exactly where you want them to go!

Word-of-Mouth Still Works

How to Generate New Business Using Traditional Marketing Methods

The most traditional of all of the traditional marketing methods is of course word-of-mouth. Quick, free and reliable, this tried and tested system will help you gain new business consistently, but will also provide you with strong relationships with clients, which last. The one plus, or negative, depending on which way you see it, of this method is that it relies heavily on you doing a very good job every time! Being accountable for the work you do is a great motivator and consistently high-quality work will bring you more business.

Your Opinion

What do you think about traditional marketing? Do you think it still has a place in today’s business world? Would you still invest in a billboard, or cinema ad campaign? Have an impressive business card you want to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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